1. BEFORE boost your server read careful the TERMS AND CONDITIONS,if you agree withe the terms is ok,if not please do not boost.
  • 1.1. If you have a server theat has to many RESURECES to download,then you must know that you will have a small number of players .

  • 1.2.Service interruption is impossible.

  • 1.3.Adding redirects is completely forbidden. IP will be banned and removed from the list redirect.

  • 1.4.Forbidden adding servers to modify configuration (slow hacking). Ex: Any kind of .wad resource,Gamemenu, Config binder, Autoconnect, MasterServer or anything else that is used to change settings, configurations players (bind advertising server keys will result in removal Boost and banned) .

  • 1.5.Servers plugins that install files containing any kind of binds or stuff like this to players game will be deleted, banned with no refund.

  • 1.6.We do not guarantee that the server will stay full through Boost time.

  • 1.7. Any payment made from stolen PayPal account will be reported to authorities and bodies compentents.


2. XREDIRECT is PROHIBITED!!!SERVER will be banned without refund.
  • 2.1. KGB hosted servers are banned.

  • 2.2.Make sure you read the recommendations>>click here-Recommendations-.

  • 2.3. If you have a large number of resources on the player number will be small.

  • 2.4.Servers that appear offline for more than an hour will be deleted from the list.

  • 2.5.Make sure the server is secure anti Raizo or other exploits.

  • 2.6.All servers that contain TRACKER UI.DLL will be deleted, banned with no refund.

  • 2.7.Do not use plugins that binds command keys "disconnect" or "say I HAVE HACK" or "exit" or things like that.

  • 2.8. amx_pika gender abuse plugins will result in a ban amx_destroy server.

  • 2.9.Attempt to eliminate or remove guardians server bot is prohibited.

  • 3.0.It is forbidden to send Files type DLL acces or any other player that might change the configuration settings (server result banned without a refund) .

  • 3.1.We do not accept IP classes 89.39 and 89.33, this cheap host IP's, the reasons are multiple !!! We do not accept redfaction community servers or zonepgl.

  • 3.2.It is forbidden to display messages from players like "client is outdated, download new client".

  • 3.3.We can increase or decrease the number of slots, depending on the amount the players.

  • 3.4.We reserve the right to ban any server that seems suspicious!.

  • 3.5.This are our RULES, if you do not like look for a boost that allow rules to your liking.